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10 Things to Watch for When the 2020 Latin Grammys Are In Full Swing

10 Things to Watch for When the 2020 Latin Grammys Are In Full Swing

5 things to watch for at the 2022 Latin Grammy Awards

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The Latin Grammy Awards are coming this Sunday, but it’s also coming up on the 10th anniversary of their first show, hosted by Ricky Martin, and now, with so much focus on Latin music, it’s worth noting what each category means as we kick it off.

From the biggest superstars to the newest rising star to the most unheralded producers to the Latin music that may need a spotlight to shine bright, here are 10 things to watch for when the 2020 Latin Grammys are in full swing.

Best male vocal performance

This category was dominated by superstar Cuban-American Cuban-American Miguel (of the band Mija) at the ceremony on January 17. The Cuban-American star was the first performer in this category since Ricky Martin, who took it two years ago.

That was back when Miguel was still with Mija, and he was on his way to becoming the next Latin-American superstar superstar. His Latin Grammy is fittingly his first.

But Miguel may have fallen off the radar this year, especially after he announced his retirement on the night of the show. The last time he performed in public was nearly two months ago, in New York City.

He’s been quietly singing in private clubs and sexting women around the world, and he’s been making headlines with a new single, “El Pibe,” released on Monday, that was the official theme song for T-Mobile. He’s in a place where he’s comfortable. So, for now, it appears Miguel will have to wait to take the stage again.

Best song written by a woman

Latin music is often about breaking down gender barriers, as evidenced by the best female Latin group, Pitbull and Ke$ha.

The singer posted a photo of herself with her band on Instagram. While it didn’t get much traction, it did become a viral sensation.

Ke$ha followed up her post with another one saying she was “heartbroken” about her split with Pitbull, and then she opened up about her struggles as a

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