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Harry Styles and Carly Rose at the Forum

Harry Styles and Carly Rose at the Forum

A coming-out party for Harry Styles and fans, at opening night at the Forum in Inglewood.

Jasmine came to the red carpet at the Forum in Los Angeles with a bottle of wine. It’s true, we had to take a raincheck out of respect. But, Harry Styles played some songs for the audience, including his latest single and a duet with Carly Rose.

This time, he opened with “Sign of the Times.” The setlist was the same one from his last shows at the Forum. “Sign of the Times” has that kind of songwriting. The lyrics are pretty catchy. So many songs on the radio are catchy tunes. But, this song is not a typical pop song. With an instrument like this, you can’t just put lyrics out on the radio. You’ve got to put a band together and record a song. But, with that kind of songwriting, you have to have someone who really can write a song.

Harry and Carly opened with “Over Me,” which was a duet for the audience. She sang a solo. They made it a duet. But, the audience sang to them both. It was so fun.

Harry, after the stage walk, he came back and gave a surprise performance. He danced for a bit. He’s so graceful on stage. All the people loved him, which is pretty funny since I’m not a big fan of dancing. I’m a big fan of singing and dancing, but not acting. I love singing, but I’m not a great actor. If you’re going to do something, do it right.

Harry did his own dancing. He was so cute! When I got there, I thought it was Carly’s doing, so I was like, “Oh, here comes Harry.” Then, when I saw Carly, I was like, Oh, I’m sorry that’s not

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