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Iran’s Aerospace Industry Has Been Hurting

Iran’s Aerospace Industry Has Been Hurting

Iranian Weapons Built With Western Semiconductors Despite Sanctions

The United States has imposed sanctions on Iranian companies and personnel involved in the development and manufacture of nuclear weapons, including the development of centrifuges and enrichment equipment, as well as those involved in missile and nuclear detonation projects.

These sanctions have affected the Iranian aerospace industry and the aviation sector the most, according to Amir Kabir, an Iranian aerospace engineer who spoke with the New York Times’s David Sanger at the International Symposium on Aerospace Engineering held at the United Nations on April 25.

“These sanctions have had a very much negative impact on Iran’s [aerospace] industry,” he said. “Most of Iran’s aviation industry are run through these sanctions. There is no industrial base as such for the Iranian aviation industry to work. Some of the manufacturers were able to make a few flights, but then they found out that their [aircraft’s] engines were not approved for sale [to Iran] anymore. This has slowed down [the Iranian aerospace industry] in Iran and also in the Middle East.”

Mr. Kabir added that the sanctions have hurt the country’s efforts to develop its own aerospace industry. He added that sanctions have also prevented the country from building a new airport in the country.

Another Iranian aerospace engineer, who asked to remain anonymous, told the Times that sanctions have prevented the Iranian government from buying equipment required for its own national aerospace industry.

Sanger reported that the sanctions have also hurt the Iranian economy.

“The sanctions have hurt Iran’s economy,” Sanger stated. “The sanctions have severely affected Iran’s efforts to create its own aerospace industry. And even more, the sanctions have prevented some of the Iranians from developing their own aircraft.”

Kabir, who was working on a new aircraft engine for the Iranian aviation industry, added that sanctions have also hurt Iran’s efforts to acquire the engine.

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