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John Tory — ‘I could have done better!’

John Tory — ‘I could have done better!’

Will John Tory’s ‘prudent’ leadership be tough enough to tackle Toronto’s big issues if he’s re-elected?

John Tory – ‘I could have done better!’

It was a rare public meeting where the public showed it doesn’t agree with John Tory on everything but that won’t stop his Tories from running the mayoralty.

In a speech where he addressed several issues that were brought up to him including the ‘deregulated’ private market, low wages and the city’s financial state, Tory said he thought a “prudent” course of action might have avoided the biggest issues that face Toronto. “The key to managing our challenges is leadership and I was very proud of the job that I did as mayor,” he said.

He said he’ll be “prudent” in his leadership, but he also said he won’t forget “we can’t do everything.”

In the early years, the Liberal Party was able to control many things in the city government (and still can today), but even when they lost control of some council, the Tories could still implement decisions. But recently, they’ve been taken back on some things and we’ve seen a lacklustre response to other issues.

This raises the question, how prudent is Tory to manage Toronto’s problems when other leaders aren’t dealing with these issues?

He could have done better

At the beginning of his speech, Tory described himself as “the leader” of the Toronto election campaign. In the past, he’s told the Toronto press that the mayoralty was a “job” for him. In fact, Mayor Rob Ford always insisted he was mayor of Toronto, he was just making it clear he wasn’t running for mayor. This year, Tory’s campaign website included a video of him in the role of a mayor, but he wasn’t going to be mayor; he was doing it for the press.

Tory said “I could have

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