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Rihanna is in the studio making “music to make memories with”

Rihanna is in the studio making "music to make memories with"

New music? A fashion show? Rihanna’s putting in work, work, work, work for resurgence

In addition to her debut, Diamonds, the “Diamonds Are Forever” singer-songwriter — who was recently named the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations’ Women’s Global Network — is also busy in the studio.

Rihanna has announced that she is working on a new project of her own.

The platinum-selling pop star, who recently announced the release of her debut album, Diamonds, in a concert video, tweeted on Friday that she was in the studio making “music to make memories with.”

“Work on music to make memories with,” Rihanna tweeted, sharing the photo above of her in her studio wearing a white shirt and skinny jeans. She also shared a photo of her making a “diamond” from a metal block.

In March, Rihanna announced that she was named ambassador of the United Nations’ Women’s Global Network (WNGLN) — a network of female leaders who work to empower girls and women around the world.

“I have made my choice to be a part of the WNLG,” Rihanna wrote on Twitter in March. “I look forward to working with the girls who have inspired me and will continue to inspire the world.”

WNGLN, which was founded by the late U.N. high commissioner for human rights Elizabeth Taylor, aims to increase the number of women in leadership positions and to help eradicate the gender disparity that still exists in the world. Rihanna has previously donated $1 million to the organization.

“She is a great example of a woman who will continue to change the world one woman at a time,” Taylor said in March. “In the way she lives, listens to music and is a source of inspiration to so many women, I am inspired by her.”

Rihanna began her career as a pop star by releasing her debut album

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