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Saad Amer: A Political Activist Who Has Become a Millionaire

Saad Amer: A Political Activist Who Has Become a Millionaire

Saad Amer Mobilizes Voters With Celebrities and Instagram Filters

SAAD: A man named Saad Amer has been known throughout the nation’s capital for using his celebrity connections to mobilize voters for the 2016 elections. Saad Amer is a 29-year-old political activist from North Carolina, who has been working with a number of candidates to improve our country. Saad was born and raised to a family of public service workers, his father serving in the U.S. Senate and his mother being a former television executive for the local ABC affiliate in the area of Raleigh, North Carolina. Saad’s mother encouraged him as a young man to join the political process, and after graduating from high school in 2000, he joined his father and the United States House of Representatives for almost a decade. Saad Amer, like many other young men in this country, began experimenting with the political process through social media. He joined the famous Facebook page “We the People” (now known as “The Facebook Pages Project”), where he found a group of people interested in having an effect on the candidates in the upcoming election. Saad began to use Facebook itself as a medium to engage in political activism and create political awareness through the use of creative images, photos, and slogans. With his unique talent for using social media to get the attention of voters, Saad Amer has garnered the attention of media, politicians, celebrities, and other influential people of influence. As his interest in politics began to grow, his parents encouraged him to attend college, a path he later began to take. Though his college experience has been short, it did show his political interest and potential; Saad went on to major in political science, later graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Saad Amer‘s political career has gone from strength to strength, garnering him the attention of prominent politicians and the public alike. Through the use of social media, Saad is able to reach a much wider audience than might be possible by simply going door to door. Not only does Saad Amer use social media to engage voters directly, but he also

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