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Taylor Swift’s Mom is not a VIP

Taylor Swift’s Mom is not a VIP

Ticketmaster issues? Taylor Swift’s opener Gayle quips she doesn’t have a ticket either

Taylor Swift may very well have made a new friend the last few days, but she’ll have to share that one with her old one.

According to TMZ, the singer/actress has issued a statement saying she doesn’t have tickets to Thursday’s (Oct. 2) concert at Staples Center in Los Angeles.

And the source says she is not taking any chances that her new pal will get her on the guest list.

“She has the tickets,” the source said. “I’ve spoken to the people behind the Staples, and Taylor didn’t even want to get any security assistance. She just wanted to go home.”

The person says Swift is “the most private celebrity you’ll come across.”

The source added that the pop star is very upset with her mom for not having any tickets.

“This is one of the biggest shows of the year with a lot of great performers, and Taylor isn’t used to being treated like a VIP,” the source said.

(See also: Taylor Swift’s fans have filed a lawsuit against her over her tweet saying she hates performing live on stage)

Swift, whose new album “Red” is available now, is currently holding her new single “Delicate” tour stops, which will be on Oct. 5 in Boston and Oct. 7 in Washington.


I never thought I’d find the point of her concerts to be this. People have gotten tickets, they’ve spent thousands of dollars for tickets, they are only there for one reason, to see her. They are not there to watch a musical performance. This is very disconcerting and disappointing to fans of her music.

I am glad she decided to post a statement on her website explaining her feelings. I do not think you should be using her for your soapbox. To the person who posted earlier saying she did not like performing live: if your mother had tickets to this show, and you were

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