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The Deuce Club — New Bar Openings in New York City

The Deuce Club — New Bar Openings in New York City

All aboard the tropical fall escape of Acey Deucey Club’s tiki bar submarine, the Deuce.

The Deuce isn’t just a bar: It’s a dive bar, a tiki bar, an upscale beach bar, and a pirate bar.

Deucey is also known for its amazing cocktail list, not to mention its incredible menu of tropical drinks such as Mai Tais, Mai PACs (Punch-as-sauce, hot as in the sun – yes, like that), and their world-famous “deuce” – served in a giant pineapple cup, of course.

What is an “Deuce” anyway?

The Deuce doesn’t have a Web site, Facebook page, or Twitter account. The cocktail menu, if you call it that, is posted on a blog that goes out twice a week, and is posted on their Facebook page, which has about 25,000 “friends.”

Why should people join the Deuce Club?

If you are in the greater New York/New Jersey area, it makes perfect sense that you would join the Deuce Club. Being the bar in Manhattan the city of Brooklyn, the Deuce has become an institution.

The Deuce Club is not about the brand – although that’s very important to their loyal clientele. It’s about the people behind the brand: the dedicated, hard-working staff, the regular, friendly clientele, and the people on staff who are willing to travel across the country to serve a great cocktail in a great atmosphere.

When will the Deuce open?

Right now, the Deuce looks to open in early October. The new club is located in the Chelsea Hotel, in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan.

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Will there be any other openings in New York?

Yes. There will be two bar openings in the area around the corner from the Deuce. The bar is called St. Matthew’s and will be opened at the end of September 2012.

In September 2012, a new bar opening in the West Village called “The Village.” It will also be located in the Chelsea Hotel and will be open on both the weekends that the Deuce is open.

What are the hours of your bar?

The Deuce was voted “Best New Bar

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