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The Dodger Stadium

The Dodger Stadium

In a giant sing-along, the sun goes down on Elton John at Dodger Stadium. It is a show of love and passion, the fans go through the chorus over and over again, and for those who have worked on this show and those who have been there since 1975, it is one of the only places on earth that they can truly relate to the story of their lives.

What happened then between 1975 and 1999 is that the fans fell in love with the show again. But now, the Dodger season begins and ends in the sun, and the fans leave the stadium and return to their lives when the Dodger players walk into their living rooms. It is during seasons like this when Dodger Stadium has seen the greatest love of its fans.

For this reason, the Dodger Stadium was very special to me. I spent time there every year of my life. Even though it was not the happiest time of my life and I will never say it is because it was not. It was because of the love that my mother and father showed to me and my brother and sister. The love we got from them was unconditional and it was unconditional.

To me, there was no better place in the world to be and to be close to. There was no better way in the world to connect with your family and the people who mean the most to you. I was lucky enough to play there and I would do anything if we could go back.

The show has become such an important part of my life, and it is still part of my life today. The show brings me joy, and I am honored and proud to have played at Dodger Stadium.

It was my first big professional contract and a major step in my career. It was also a special night in my life as we would open the show with a 30-song medley of the show’s greatest hits. Everyone would get on their feet to sing a few verses from the hit songs. The crowd would jump and hug each other. It was a good feeling.

But there was more. When the show would go into playback of the songs, everybody would clap

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