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The flu has broken out again in Southern California

The flu has broken out again in Southern California

Bird flu spreads to Southern California, infecting chickens, wild birds and other animals

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The flu has broken out again in Southern California, where the World Health Organization called it the first case of the highly pathogenic virus in the United States.

The disease has spread to at least 10 other states, and federal health officials now consider it widespread or endemic in 33 states and in parts of the Caribbean, the WHO said.

In the first 20 days of December, the disease spread to 19 states and four countries in the Caribbean, infecting chickens, wild birds, horses and swine.

Last week, the disease was first reported in Los Angeles County, where public health officials are asking residents to isolate themselves and keep up with their sanitation routines, while keeping their distance from other animals who may be infected.

Officials are also trying to control the spread by asking people who are ill to stay home and isolate themselves and their household members.

“The recent cases of human infection in California are very concerning. They indicate the potential for further spread of H5N1 in the community,” said Dr. Margaret Chan, WHO assistant director general for emergencies.

“The risk to public health is high, but fortunately, it is not yet clear whether the virus is transmissible within humans, such as by direct contact with infected person’s secretions,” she said. “We do not yet know what the pathogen is, how it is transmitted,” she continued. “But we do know that the virus is highly infectious to birds and can also replicate within the upper respiratory tract. Thus, the likelihood that the virus can disseminate within humans is high.

“All of us at the WHO are concerned about this outbreak,” she said, “and are closely monitoring the situation in all affected countries to make sure that the disease is contained without creating further public health concerns.”

How is the flu spreading?

The flu outbreak began in April, when a doctor examined a woman who complained of fever, coughing and chills. He sent the patient to a hospital, where she tested positive

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