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The Kardashian-Jenner Birthday Party

The Kardashian-Jenner Birthday Party

Olivia Wilde, Mindy Kaling and Kim Kardashian Party at Baby2Baby

The Kardashian-Jenner clan hosted the most recent installment of “The Mindy Project,” which was actually filmed earlier this week in Malibu: The Kardashian family was joined by “The Mindy Project” co-creators Mindy Kaling and Olivia Wilde and Kim’s brother, Kanye West. The event was a full-fledged celebration—a party in Kardashian-Jenner fashion. The festivities took place at the Baby2Baby, a children’s clothing store and boutique that was converted into the birthday bash of rapper, producer and entrepreneur Kanye West.

I have seen a lot of beautiful things to be seen in Malibu, but I can’t recall anything like what I witnessed that night. From the moment that Kardashian sent Kanye and his family over to the shopping center to pick up West’s gift, I began to notice the amount of attention the Kardashian family was given. The party had a theme of “celebrations of love,” and that’s what really made me appreciate the amount of attention the Kardashian family was given. It was as if a family from “Happy Together” fame were the guests of honor at their own private birthday party. The whole event felt like one big celebration, and the party guests certainly seemed to show their appreciation to the Kardashian family.

All this attention, Kanye’s gift, the gift that arrived (“Lemonade” by Kanye West), and the shopping center that had been turned into a party of celebration definitely made it feel like I was in the middle of some sort of celebrity event.

The entertainment for the evening started with a brief introduction by Kim as to what this party was all about. She was happy to introduce the guests to each other, and she then welcomed the rest of the guests. The first guest was mindy Kaling and her co-creator, Olivia Wilde, who shared her birthday with the guests.

Kim then asked Olivia if she wanted to eat cake, and she happily accepted. Kim then invited the guests to get dressed up and put on their party shoes. Olivia dressed up in a white jumpsuit and wore a pair of neon-green sneakers.

Kim then welcomed the guests to their party. While greeting guests, Kim called out the name of each guest on

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