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The Liberal Media Is Using The Word “Conservative” As “Anti-Science”

The Liberal Media Is Using The Word “Conservative” As “Anti-Science”

Rep. Henry Cuellar holds on to Texas seat against former Ted Cruz staffer, and the liberal media love him.

Here’s a thing you don’t hear too often: When you look up the word “conservative,” it doesn’t mean “the opposite of liberal.”

No, in fact, a traditional conservative is a defender of the Constitution, a believer in a few of the foundational pillars of western civilization (like limited government, free markets, and a healthy respect for the lives of other human beings), and a believer in the Judeo-Christian basis of society (which is why the term also includes religious conservatives).

And then there’s this:

“Conservative” has become a dirty word in America and is now synonymous with “anti-science.”

In America today “conservative” means “anti-science.” In fact, the term has gotten so tainted that I used it to describe this week’s Republican presidential debate stage.

In fact, that’s exactly how I used it. What I’m about to share with you is something I haven’t shared with anyone else, and it’s something you will hear many, many times from the liberal media, but it’s something you need to hear:

I’m a conservative, but not the way liberals think I am.

I’m a conservative, but I’m not racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, anti-Semitic, Islamaphobic, anti-gay or anti-abortion.

See, I’m a traditionalist Republican, the one side of the aisle that has always been able to see beyond political ideology. And it’s time we stopped the liberal media from using the term “conservative” as if it’s somehow synonymous with “anti-science.”

They like to pretend that term is synonymous with “anti-science.”

I mean

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