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The Los Angeles Police Shooting Was Justified by Self Defense

The Los Angeles Police Shooting Was Justified by Self Defense

State clears LAPD officers in the fatal shooting of man on Hollywood Boulevard

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LAPD has cleared all officers involved in this week’s shooting incident on Hollywood Boulevard. The man who was killed was identified as Oscar Grant.

The incident started earlier this week after an LAPD officer went to a home on the 900 block of Woodman Street with a witness who claimed that Grant had pointed a gun at him in a threatening manner. After a brief confrontation, police shot Grant four times, killing him.

The Los Angeles Police Department Chief confirmed that the shooting was intentional and that no other officers were at the scene.

However, a witness told ABC7 that the police officers who showed up at the home had made a mistake, according to the witness who was at the scene. A witness who was at the scene told ABC7 that the officers involved in the shooting “came in full-pelt looking for a man they thought was a suspect, when in fact the man was Grant’s cousin.”

LAPD says the shooting was a “self defense” situation where Grant lunged at the officer.

At least two videos have surfaced this week, apparently from inside the home where the shooting took place. One video shows the police officers who were shooting Grant, and another shows the aftermath of the shooting and a man who was shot in the back as he tried to flee.

The man who was killed in the shooting has been identified as Oscar Grant. It was later revealed that the man was Grant’s cousin, not the suspect that police were looking for.

In all of this, there are still people that don’t believe the events that occurred on April 4th that took Oscar Grant’s life can be justified by “self defense.”

If what happened was “justified” by self-defense, then how did police arrive at a home with a witness who witnessed a man pointing a gun in a threatening manner at an officer, only for them to shoot him four times with live ammunition?

It seems that the actions of the LAPD only solidify the people who are looking to use this case as a means of raising their voice.

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