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The Media’s Bias in Gun Violence

The Media’s Bias in Gun Violence

Our liberal media should start listening and talking more with actual voters instead of relying on data-crammed straw men who don’t even vote at all anymore to make up their stories and facts to support the Democratic party. If the media really wants to be trusted, then do the research, find out what voters actually think about different issues and their attitudes on them, and make an informed argument about which issues are important and which shouldn’t be on the agenda of a Democratic presidential candidate or an incumbent president.

The problem is that the media is more interested in pandering to the liberal base than in actually understanding the issues that will affect them. This means they have no interest in hearing from voters who actually have to make decisions every day about where they spend their money and where they send their kids to school, and who have to evaluate what kind of policies they want their children to grow up with. Because a majority of the voters who make up the news-gathering and writing staff of the liberal media are from college campuses, there’s an unspoken expectation on their part to cater to the liberal interest group, which means they have to give the same level of importance to issues that would be important to the average citizen. For example, the latest poll on marijuana legalization found that 60 percent of voters support legalization but that 45 percent of the news-gathering media are against it, because most of those news-gathering media are from liberal campuses.

Another example is the recent controversy in the media about the way the media’s coverage of gun violence has been. One of the major reasons the media is so biased is because it’s the one profession where the only people actually affected by the decisions affecting guns are the mass murderer. That’s why the most popular story for the past decade has been the one where an average American kills an average American and no one has even been arrested or convicted because it is almost impossible to prove any gun was used in the crime. But that means nobody sees it coming and as a result, nobody will

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