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Trent Reznor deleted Twitter account after “dilemma”

Trent Reznor deleted Twitter account after "dilemma"

Trent Reznor says he’s moving on from Twitter, and Elon Musk is taking it personally.

Trent Reznor recently deleted his Twitter account after a Twitter user called his tweets “abusive.” (Twitter)

The lead singer of the indie rock group Talking Heads, Trent Reznor, has deleted his Twitter account after a controversial tweet was posted about the singer’s wife, Kim.

Reznor, whose real name is Trent Reznor-Tikaram, said in a public Facebook post that the comments were “extremely hurtful.”

In the initial tweets, posted Monday, a person posted a link to an article about Kim’s divorce. It was unclear who wrote it.

“The first tweet was meant as a joke in a moment of sadness. I meant to respond as I see Kim often commenting on things that are often misinterpreted and that people do not understand, which is a privilege in many ways, not least here on Twitter,” Reznor wrote.

“The second tweet was a response to a comment that got misinterpreted to be about my past and I wanted to address this. I hope this clarifies. I am also a little embarrassed to delete my account, but I think all this was not the time for this. I feel much better, and I am incredibly encouraged by the response here.”

The initial tweets said the singer had “gone dark from Twitter” after someone started a “dilemma” on the social networking site.

A woman responded by saying she’d “like to take this moment to send my sincerest thank you” and the two continued to talk about the person who started the “dilemma.”

“I understand where you’re coming from. I just had a lot of questions for myself and realized that it was a very difficult situation. I want to thank you for taking the time to share a thoughtful perspective, but I also do not mean to offend you. I am very sorry for offending you,” Reznor wrote.

“Please understand that I am in a

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