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Trump’s rally on Wednesday is a blow to the GOP

Trump’s rally on Wednesday is a blow to the GOP

Paul Pelosi attack shocks country on edge about democracy threats

President Donald Trump speaks to the media in the Roosevelt Room of the White House on Wednesday, July 15, 2017. (Photo: Andrew Harnik/AP)

On Wednesday, the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives called for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to recuse himself from any investigation into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election.

But Democrats on the Judiciary Committee were set to begin hearings into a new Russia investigation, one that Democrats say was initiated and led by the Obama administration. Now, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi publicly decried the idea as a waste of time and a distraction from the President’s agenda.

“He can’t help you with his Russia investigation,” Pelosi said. “This is just a waste of time.”

Her comments are likely to spark outrage from Republicans who believe that a top aide to the president is engaging in criminal activities.

Former House Speaker John Boehner tweeted that Democrats are trying to “destroy the integrity” and “waste the opportunity” to “get tough” on the president.

Meanwhile, Trump told a room of conservative leaders that they could “never take credit” for him.

“When I’m finally here, they’ll be begging for a meeting with me. I’m afraid they’ll use you,” Trump said. “But I will tell you this: They never wanted me here in the first place.”

It’s a stunning reversal for Trump, who has used political attacks on the Obama administration to rally his support over the past week.

For months, Trump has focused on the Obama administration’s use of the “Fast and Furious” gunrunning scandal that began under the Obama administration. In late 2015, several high-profile members of Congress wrote a letter, calling for Justice Department officials to resign in the wake of the scandal and implicating Attorney General Eric Holder.

But the Trump rally on Wednesday came as Congress continues to push for a special prosecutor to investigate possible collusion and obstruction by Trump during the Russia probe. There hasn’t been anyone formally appointed to do so.

The Washington Post reports Trump’s personal lawyer, Marc Kasowitz, has been working behind the scenes to have Attorney General Jeff Sessions removed from the

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