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Why do we need an increase to EV and charging rates?

Why do we need an increase to EV and charging rates?

Electric vehicle rebate among staff proposals to speed up Toronto’s target to become a carbon neutral city

It’s not exactly fair that electric vehicles are being forced to operate on a very limited fuel supply, as well as in a high electric demand environment. But, as the city of Toronto continues to push forward on carbon neutrality, it is clear that a massive expansion of charging infrastructure will be necessary to support the new electric fleet of vehicles.

As our city is moving forward with its target to become a fully balanced carbon neutral city by the year 2040, we have come up with a list of proposals that will help in accelerating the process and providing much needed electrification to our roads.

We are calling on the Toronto Public Library (TPL) to lead the charge by hosting events on electric vehicles (EVs) and charging stations in city hall and at libraries across the city every month.

We are also calling upon The City of Toronto to increase the amount of electricity supplied to Toronto homes and businesses annually by at least 15% to 20%.

As well, we are calling for the city to extend this 15% by at least two years. This will increase the city’s supply of renewable electricity from the current 15% of the total supply, to the target of 20% by the year 2017 and continue that increase each year until the target is achieved by 2040.

EVs and charging facilities

In addition to the 15% increase in the supply of electricity from our renewable sources to Toronto homes and businesses, we also call for a 15% increase to the supply of electric vehicles per year (EVs) and the installation of at least 500 additional electric vehicles per year in the city. This would mean that one half million EVs per year and over 30,000 charging stations would be installed across the city. (It goes without saying that this is only a fraction of the number of EVs the city is considering for the city’s target).

As we continue to look ahead to our city becoming carbon neutral by 2040, we need to be able to expand our electricity supply to meet our demand for EV’s and charging infrastructure to support that expansion.

Why do we need an increase to EV and charging rates?

We know that EVs and charging stations are not just a novelty as there are already a significant number of charging points in cities around the world. The reason EV’s and charging infrastructure will play a significant role

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